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Listening Services & Befriending

Befriending is a one-to-one, non-judgemental relationship with a survivor where they can feel encouraged and supported. Befriending can help reduce the feeling of isolation and can allow the survivor to feel listened to by an external person.

How does it work?

Our support program is designed to provide a safe and compassionate space for individuals who have experienced rape and sexual abuse. We understand that healing is a deeply personal journey, and our trained volunteers are here to offer their support. 

This is a friendship - a reliable person who is able to help with simple things like finding a job or attending meetings.


Jodie Finch

Initial Assessment

We begin by conducting an initial assessment to better understand your unique needs, concerns, and preferences. We respect your privacy and ensure that you are comfortable sharing as much or as little as you'd like.

Flexible Interaction

You and your support companion will decide on the frequency and format of your interactions. You can choose to meet in person, have phone conversations, or even communicate via secure online platforms, depending on what makes you feel most comfortable.

Confidentiality and Respect

We prioritise your privacy and well-being. All interactions are strictly confidential, and your support companion is committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to express yourself.

Match with a Support Companion

Once we have a better understanding of your situation, we carefully match you with a trained and empathetic support companion. These companions are experienced in providing emotional support and are here to listen without judgment.

Empowerment and Healing

Our program is focused on empowering survivors of sexual abuse. You can decide how you want to spend your time with your support companion. It could be sharing your experiences, discussing coping strategies, or engaging in activities that promote healing.

Professional Resources

In addition to emotional support, we can also connect you with professional resources, such as therapists and counsellors, to further aid in your healing process if you so desire.

Our support programme is designed to provide survivors of rape and sexual abuse with a caring and understanding companion who can offer emotional support and empowerment. We respect your autonomy and strive to create a healing journey that is tailored to your individual needs and preferences, with a strong focus on confidentiality and respect.

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