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On this page, you can discover insights into our identity, core values, our forward-looking vision, and the actions we are taking to bring that vision to life.

Our Mission

At RSASS, we are dedicated to providing open, compassionate, and non-judgmental support and guidance to individuals who have experienced the trauma of rape and sexual abuse, regardless of when it occurred in their lives. Our services are tailored to empower survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and rape aged 16 and above, as well as those affected by recent or non-recent cases of child sexual abuse, irrespective of gender identity.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society free from the scourge of sexual violence and the stigmatisation that often accompanies it.

We firmly believe that genuine change emerges from collective effort and partnerships. Our commitment to assisting survivors of rape and sexual abuse is grounded in collaboration, empathy, and an unceasing pursuit of improvement. By forging strong connections with survivors, community members, stakeholders, and other specialised organisations, we are constructing a sanctuary for healing, empowerment, and personal growth.


Together, we are driving change, dismantling barriers, raising awareness, and ensuring survivors receive the support they rightfully deserve. Let us continue this journey together, hand in hand, fostering a society where survivors rediscover their voices, strength, and renewed hope.

Our Values

  • No Judgment: We listen, believe, and support. Sharing experiences of rape or sexual assault is a profound step, and we offer a safe environment where you are heard, believed, and treated with fairness and respect.

  • Welcoming & Inclusive: No one should ever feel alone after experiencing non-consensual sexual activity, regardless of their sex, sexuality, gender identity, socio-economic background, religion or belief, disability, race, colour, nationality, or ethnic origin.

  • Client-Led: Your path to recovery is unique to you. Our approach revolves around understanding and addressing your individual needs as you progress toward healing. We will always move at your pace.

  • Empowering: We aim to leave you feeling stronger and more in control of your future than when you first reached out to us. We provide a secure space for you to share your experiences and equip you with the information, tools, and reassurance necessary to move forward.

Our Services

We provide trauma-informed services free of charge, with a primary focus on the well-being and recovery of survivors. Our services include face-to-face and telephone counselling, advocacy, befriending, and support for attending appointments (e.g., Health, Housing, Social Services), sexual health information, support for non-abusing partners, friends, and relatives of survivors, as well as a 24/7 telephone answering machine helpline, with calls returned within 24 hours.

Our confidential services are designed to be independent of the criminal justice system, ensuring that survivors have a secure and supportive space to seek assistance.

RSASS offers trauma-informed counselling and therapy programmes, designed to help survivors navigate the emotional challenges they face and develop healthy coping mechanisms for their healing journey.

Support Helpline

Our 24/7 helpline offers a confidential space for survivors to share their experiences, seek guidance, and receive emotional support from trained professionals who understand the complexities of trauma.


Information about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and abortion. 

ISVA & Advocacy

An ISVA, or Independent Sexual Violence Advocate, plays a crucial role in supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse within the context of a support service charity. 

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