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Complimentary therapeutic counseling sessions are available to individuals aged 16 years or older, irrespective of gender, who have encountered any type of rape or sexual violence at any point in their lives, or those who are providing support to survivors.

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RSASS offers a one-to-one counselling service for those aged 16+.

Our volunteer counsellors have been trained in a trauma-informed approach to work with survivors of sexual assault, abuse and violence.

This service can be accessed by survivors or anyone supporting them.

Guidance and Support in Counseling Sessions

Coming to counselling requires a lot of courage, and we acknowledge that discussing thoughts and emotions isn't always easy.

Rest assured that your counsellor will never judge you, creating a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

We aim to...


help you make sense of your experiences and gain a deeper understanding of yourself


ensure the focus will always be on what you choose to discuss


make sure that you are not obligated to talk about anything you're not comfortable with.

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