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About Us

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Service (South Buckinghamshire), formerly known as Rape Crisis (Wycombe Chiltern & South Buckinghamshire), is a Charity established in 1995. We offer assistance to individuals aged 16 and older in South Buckinghamshire and Slough, regardless of their gender identity.

Our Objectives

Our charity is committed to offering cost-free and confidential support and information to survivors of rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse, irrespective of their gender or when the incidents occurred. We also provide expertise to aid professionals working in this field and actively campaign for shifts in public attitudes and legal frameworks associated with sexual violence, seeking a more inclusive and just society for survivors.

Our Approach

We provide comprehensive support through a range of channels, including one-time sessions, ongoing face-to-face interactions, online assistance, befriending, and advocacy. Our services encompass in-person and online counselling, along with a dedicated helpline. We extend support to non-abusive friends, family, and professionals. This includes facilitating self-help and relevant group sessions and distributing information to both survivors and professionals. We offer the expertise of an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor. Our initiatives promote abuse prevention, particularly among young people, while also focusing on raising awareness and collaborating with community groups and other agencies. In our advocacy efforts, we strive for changes in laws, systems, structures, and societal attitudes that impact survivors of sexual violence.

Our Strengths

Our services are free, ensuring accessibility for all. We maintain a commitment to confidentiality and non-judgmental support. With a specialisation in assisting survivors of sexual violence in the South Bucks area, our services are inclusive and designed to accommodate all genders. Through our support, we empower individuals to regain control over their lives at their own pace.


Our approach is rooted in supporting survivors and their unique needs. We recognise the pervasive nature of sexual violence, which is intertwined with societal inequalities. The far-reaching impact of sexual violence on various aspects of a person's life is evident. Therefore, our approach is designed to empower survivors through a supportive lens, allowing them to make informed choices when navigating the aftermath of such experiences.

Our services are open to people of all genders, acknowledging that anyone can be affected by sexual violence. At the same time, we treat all callers with respect and consideration, and we provide referrals to specialised organisations when necessary.


Our team includes part-time staff, supervisors, and volunteers from varied backgrounds. We aim to include a diverse cohort of volunteers to support our existing team of counsellors and support personnel. Our management board consists of individuals from different backgrounds.

Volunteers contribute to various non-counselling areas, including emotional support, administrative tasks, fundraising, translation, group facilitation, and public outreach.

We emphasise the importance of a committed team and skilled volunteers to provide a robust and sustainable service. We offer training, supervision, and ongoing support to meet best practices.

Our Funding

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We secure funding from various sources and acknowledge the ongoing challenge posed by the economic climate. Additionally, we understand that the needs of survivors are diverse, and their right to support is paramount.

Our Service Users

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Our services cater to survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and rape aged 16 and above, regardless of gender identity. We also collaborate with non-abusive friends, relatives, professionals, and young people aged 11 and above. Our aim is to raise awareness about sexual violence and its impact on society.

Our goal is to offer a service where survivors are supported regardless of their gender, empowering them to heal and regain control over their lives.

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Our Services

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RSASS offers trauma-informed counselling and therapy programmes, designed to help survivors navigate the emotional challenges they face and develop healthy coping mechanisms for their healing journey.

Support Helpline

Our 24/7 helpline offers a confidential space for survivors to share their experiences, seek guidance, and receive emotional support from trained professionals who understand the complexities of trauma.


Information about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and abortion. 

ISVA & Advocacy

An ISVA, or Independent Sexual Violence Advocate, plays a crucial role in supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse within the context of a support service charity. 

Operating Hours

  • Office: Weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm

  • Helpline: Available 24/7 with calls returned within 24 hours.​

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